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CELG’s research efforts concentrate on supporting concrete innovations in the development of leadership and management in the public and nonprofit sectors. The center provides an independent source of analysis for reform and innovation in policymaking, and for identification of best practices in public management capacity building.

To this end, CELG collaborates with an impressive roster of national, international, and government agency partners to translate its research and analysis efforts into policy implementation and implementation recommendations.


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Ernest C. Reock, Jr., Professor Emeritus (2015)

Municipal Charter Revision in New Jersey: An Inventory of Change, 1950-2015

The purpose of this publication is to provide an inventory of all of the actions taken locally under the provisions of the Optional Municipal Charter Law of 1950 (OMCL) to change the organization of New Jersey municipal governments. While over 350 actions have been identified and cataloged, the Inventory is not complete. Users are invited to forward additional information on actions under the OMCL to the author so that the Inventory can be made more comprehensive. Information on recent actions is particularly desirable.

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Dr. Tricia Nolfi

Social Media Tools for Public Communications

This guide serves as a toolkit for those who are responsible for communicating with the public and specific audiences. Keep in mind that every week new tools, apps, and platforms are being introduced; therefore, keep abreast of new opportunities by networking with experts in the field.

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Angie McGuire & Alan Zalkind (2013)

Appropriating Energy Tax Receipts: The New Normal for New Jersey

Published with the New Jersey League of Municipalities Educational Foundation

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Angie McGuire and Dorothy Olshfski (2010)

Moving Up in a Downturn: Management Challenges and Strategies for Municipalities

CELG presented this report from the 2010 NJLM Educational Foundation Symposium. The event included a panel discussion of mayors and business managers who participated in the research.

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Ernest C. Reock Jr., Professor Emeritus (2008)

Property Tax Determinants: New Research

In his paper, "Determinants of Property Tax Burden in New Jersey - 2008," Dr. Ernest C. Reock, Jr. offers a methodology for identifying the causes of the relative tax burden in cities and towns - causes that often reach beyond municipal and school expenditures to county and state levels of taxation and funding. He specifically looks at 2008 in comparison to 2004 to identify statewide changes, such as declining property values, which had a profound impact on property tax burdens across New Jersey.


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Dorothy Olshfski and Robert Cunningham (2009)


Agenda and Decisions: How State Government Executives and Middle Managers Make and Administer Policy

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Edited by: Kathe Callahan and Dorothy Olshfski (2015)

Global Public Management: Cases and Comments

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