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Thomas Crownover

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Thomas Crownover, Attorney At Law, completed the Rutgers Mini-Master of Public AdministrationTM program in Fall, 2013. "I became interested in the Rutgers Mini-MPA working in municipal government in Metuchen, producing a task force evaluation of the Plainfield Municipal Utility Authority and working on a transition team for Plainfield's new mayor. The Rutgers five day program was a modest imposition on my schedule and provided valuable information including self-evaluation of communication skills and emotional intelligence; intergovernmental relationships and tax revenue and spending trends, while examining 10 separate subjects. Each of the instructors brought enthusiasm and practical knowledge of their material and worked well with our class of bright, articulate yet sometimes zany members. I strongly recommend this program for anyone involved in local government with a desire to be more knowledgeable and effective. We had the unique pride in a member of our class, Carmelo Garcia, being elected to the New Jersey Assembly during our program. I believe each of our students not only enjoyed the collegial atmosphere cultivated by Rutgers but will be able to apply the experience and knowledge gained for the benefit of their employers and communities."