Encore! Rutgers is a career transition program to gain insights and introductions into the social sector. This program assists professionals who are considering transitioning into the nonprofit sector. The program is an attractive option for individuals with varying career goals, whether you are seeking immediate employment or exploring a possible career change in the future. 


Our Why

To educate and empower seasoned professionals to explore employment opportunities in the nonprofit sector, by providing classroom instruction and discussions along with strategic introductions that impart essential knowledge and skills which expand opportunities to leverage professional expertise in support of the nonprofit mission.


About Encore! Rutgers
Encore! Rutgers is a professional development experience that helps seasoned professions transition their skill sets and experience into opportunities in New Jersey’s large and diverse nonprofit sector. Participants may be employed full-time, part-time or unemployed while completing the program.

The program is designed to leverage the professional experience of individuals with a variety of career goals:

  • Immediate Employment: To immediately move from a corporate position to a full-time, part-time, or consulting role within the nonprofit .

  • A Future Transition: Exploring a career move into nonprofit work in the future.

  • Engaged Volunteering or Consulting Work: Retiring/retired and looking to make an impact as a volunteer, board member or consultant for nonprofits.


Encore! Rutgers Program Details

The program provides participants who are exploring a possible career transition into the nonprofit sector with classroom learning and essential networking opportunities. The program takes place over a 14-week semester and includes reading assignments and a total of two Friday and four Saturday classes. The majority of the classes will be in-person on the Rutgers New Brunswick campus. All classes will offer a hybrid option.


The classroom sessions include topics on nonprofit leadership and governance, relationship building through communications, financial and performance management, storytelling, among others. The hybrid cohort structure generates a supportive and collaborative experience for participants.


Encore! Rutgers will provide assistance with job search strategies, networking opportunities to meet with sector leaders and learn more about the work of their nonprofit organizations, and one-on-one meetings with organizations seeking volunteers and employees.

Benefits to Encore!

Rutgers Participants:

  • Provides a structured, supportive bridge program to help launch a new career path.

  • Includes coursework, topical readings and discussions presented by Rutgers faculty and practitioners working in the nonprofit sector.

  • A supportive and collaborative cohort experience

  • Apply professional experience to the social sector

  • Gain access to senior leaders within the sector to help grow relationships and a network in the sector.

Nonprofit Participating Organizations:

  • Connect with seasoned, skilled talent with varying career goals.

  • Build capacity and accelerate progress toward mission fulfillment.

  • Gain diverse, new perspectives.

  • Grow the talent pipeline.

  • Broaden recruiting efforts to fill critical roles with experienced and skilled workers.

Encore! Rutgers Candidate Applications