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Appropriating Energy Tax Receipts released March, 2013

Research on Municipal and State Budget Projections released March, 2012

Research on Municipal and State Budget Projections released January, 2011

Surviving a Downturn in New Jersey:  Management Challenges and Strategies for Municipalities


CELG with The League of Municipalities Educational Foundation has published a new paper in the Friends of Local Government series.  Read the white paper Surviving a Downturn in New Jersey 

On September 24, 2010 a sold-out auditorium participated in a lively discussion of the most recent research published by CELG on municipal management challenges.

The Center for Executive Leadership in Government (CELG), in partnership with the Educational Foundation of the New Jersey State League of Municipalities (NJLOM), has facilitated a series of closed-session conversations with municipal managers and mayors to develop a better understanding of the current economic crisis’s impact on municipal management. Hard decisions will need to be made to deal with budget shortfalls and these collaborative forums provide a venue for sharing and brainstorming viable solutions to overcoming the budget challenges of fiscal year 2011. 

Municipalities are often the source of realistic solutions, but these solutions typically go unnoticed so the outcomes and innovations generated by the CELG/NJLOM forum discussions will be published as a series of white papers will given a broad electronic distribution throughout the state prior to the start of the statewide budget process.  Based on this research, CELG faculty have written a white paper Moving Up in a Downturn, published by The League of Municipalities Educational Foundation in the new "Friends of Local Government" series.    The Foundation’s policy oriented papers offer the perspectives of experts from outside municipal government, applying their expertise to issues confronted by local leaders.

The report provides insights by municipal officials on dealing with the financial crisis.  A presentation at the NJLM Educational Foundation symposium on September 24, 2010 was complimented by a panel discussion of mayors and business managers who participated in the research.  Mayors, Business Administrators and State leaders examined the hard decisions and different approaches that municipalities are taking to handle budget shortfalls and tax caps. What services should be provided, eliminated or re-imagined? What revenue or cost avoidance strategies can be implemented? What leadership and management skills are needed by government officials in this new paradigm?

The Governor’s Chief of Staff provided the Christie administration perspective on the looming municipal crisis, followed by a panel of state legislators debating the pending “tool kit” legislation. 


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