Leadership Certificate: Strategic Communications

NEW Class Dates:  April 11 & 13, 2017.


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The Leadership Certificate Series at Rutgers

The Leadership Certificate series features public management topics each semester.   Programs are geared to municipal managers, administrators, finance officers, governing body members, department heads, and mayors as well as nonprofit professionals.

Leadership Certificate:  Strategic Communications

 Develop essential skills to communicate with constituents and within organizations

- Trainers have worked in the public sector and understand communication challenges 
- New approaches to using digital and social communications
- Participants are provided tools and tip sheets that can be used in their organizations 


Email for more information on customer programs celg@docs.rutgers.edu or call for registration information 732-932-3640 x647.

Tuition:           $400 for two day program

Essential Skills for Today's Public and Nonprofit Communicators

Town hall meetings. Nixle. Facebook. Twitter.  News releases. The internet.

In the digital age, you can communicate with constituents in myriad ways.  But knowing which tools will successfully reach your audiences when you need to can be challenging.

In four, 2.5-hour seminars over two days, "Strategic Public Communications" will provide you with proven strategies and a toolkit of tactics that you can begin using immediately in your organization.  

This special Leadership Certificate series covers the nuts and bolts of essential communication areas:

  • Communication Planning and Content Creation for Public Organizations
  • Digital Communications and Social Media
  • Public and Media Relations
  • Emergency Communications Planning for Public Organizations


Gaining these essential skills will help you gain confidence and credibility in your role, and ensure that your constituencies will be well informed and engaged in your organization's efforts. 

Course Schedule and Descriptions 


Courses are offered on the following days and times. If you have any questions about the curriculum, please contact us at celg@docs.rutgers.edu.  Additional Course Descriptions here.

Seminar 1: Communication Planning and Content Creation for Public Organizations
April 11        9:30 am - 12 noon

Communication is essential to nearly everything your municipality or nonprofit organization undertakes. This hands-on workshop takes participants through the steps of developing a communication plan for any type of activity, from setting goals and identifying key audiences and messages, to selecting tactics and establishing timelines and budgets. Working in teams, participants will develop communication plans for real initiatives.

Seminar 2: Digital Communications and Social Media 
 April 11      12:30 pm - 3:00 pm

Facebook, Twitter, VimeoPinterest - the social media options available are overwhelming!  But which platform is best for your organizations and which can meet your communications needs?  This course will review how the right social media tools can be used in community engagement and public relations.  The course materials include a toolkit for getting started with social media for personal and municipal use.  Tips on setting a social media policy for your municipal employees will also be discussed.

Seminar 3: Public and Media Relations 
April 13     9:30 am - 12 noon

The news media can be a valuable conduit of important information to your key audiences. But working with the media can be challenging, as any public official knows. This workshop will discuss strategies for promoting “good” news and dealing with “bad” news; using social media vs. traditional media; developing productive relationships with reporters; the difference between hype and news; and the pros and cons of press conferences. 


Seminar 4: Emergency Communications Planning for Public Organizations
April 13     12:30 pm - 3:00 pm

Getting key messages and critical information out before, during, and after an emergency presents many challenges. To be prepared for such challenges, public organizations need to prepare an Emergency Communications Plan (ECP) that describes how the organization will respond to an incident and how information is shared with constituents. This course will walk through the steps of establishing a communications protocol, preparing a written plan, developing strategies for using traditional and digital media, and reviewing processes.

Additional Course Description and instructor bios available.  Please email questions to: celg@docs.rutgers.edu.


Fees, Registration, and Cancelation


Students must register for and attend four seminars in order to receive a Rutgers Leadership Certificate.  

Fees include all materials, continental breakfast & lunch.   

Registrations will be accepted by fax with a Purchase Order, check or credit card.

Class Cancellation Policy

The Center reserves the right to cancel any course or seminar.  CELG will notify all students enrolled in a course that has been canceled and the information will be posted on the CELG website.  Students will be given a choice of receiving a full refund for courses canceled by CELG or exercising the option to enroll in the same course on a different date (if one is available).

Withdrawal Policy
CELG will refund the full course fees minus a $25 charge for processing to students who notify CELG of their intent to withdraw from a class in writing at least ten business days before the class is scheduled to start.  Failure to notify CELG within that time period will result in forfeiture of all fees.

Enrollment and Credits

Participants must complete the four seminars to earn a Rutgers Leadership Certificate in Communications.  


Call 732-932-6998, ext. 603 or email celg@docs.rutgers.edu for more information.